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Changchun Xuyang Industry (Group) Co., Ltd, Agricultural equipment manufacturing branch
The company''s products is a subsidy project of national policy , sales mainly for city and County Grain Bureau, the farmer. The biggest feature is rain-proof, snow-proof, natural ventilation, natural drying, effectively prevent ...[Read more]
Changchun Xuyang Auto Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
The main products : the ABS/PVC plastic films, PVC door inner plate of composite materials, injection molding products, the demand for raw materials: PVC resin, ABS resin, PP foam, PE, glue, DOP plasticizer[Read more]
Changchun Chusei Xuyang Rubber Company Limited,
Main supply to rubber products of automobile and rail passenger transportation tools .Seek the wholesale, import similar products, rubber raw materials and production equipment.[Read more]
ChangChun Faurecia Xuyang automotive interior systems Co.Ltd.
Main products : the automotive dashboards, car door panel , slush skin, such as injection molded parts, raw materials demand: PVC slush powder, ABS, SMMA, PP-T20, polyurethane foam material[Read more]
Changchun Faurecia Xuyang Automotive Seat Co., Ltd.
Leading products : the seat frame assembly for cars, trucks, , second products : the instrument panel frame assembly, auxiliary products : all types of car seat frame stamping parts, pieces of wire, instrument panel beam assembly...[Read more]
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